Food Menu

Chicken Snacker*

A delicious chunk of chicken served in a soft sesame bun, with salad and Thousand Island sauce.

Potato Krisper

A Crispy potato patty, topped with tangy sauce and served up in a soft, warm bun!

Kold Koffee

An exquisite blend of rich coffee, dairy and a hint of chocolate.

KFC 7up Lime Soda

The all time favourite thirst quencher.

Hot Wings™ 2 pc*

KFC's No. 1 fully masaaledar snack! Chicken wings smeared with a lip smacking lemon chilli flavor

Brownie Blast

Icy chocolate slush, crushed chocolate cookies and a melt-in-your-mouth fudgy chocolate brownie, all swirled together for the blast of chocolate that will blow you away!

Alphonso Burst

Indulgent, rich fruit Krushers made with real alphonso mango!

Strawberry Storm.

Indulgent, rich fruit Krushers made with real fresh strawberries!


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